– Check and replace motor brushes (if necessary)
– Clean out motor and commutator
– Check cabling and electrical components
– Test battery and charger
– Grease clutches and gearbox
– Teemate, Autocaddy, Motocaddy, MGI and Powakaddy buggies only

Here is a list of the common buggies we repair:

Autocaddy: Ace, Bantam, Jockey.
MGI: Ryder R75, Hunter R200, Coaster R300, Venturer G400, SL50, SL100, SL300, SL500, SL150c, SL350c, SL550c, SL100i, SL300i, SL500i
Motocaddy: S1 Digital, S3 Digital.
Powakaddy: Classic, Freeway, Freeway 2, Touch, Sport.
Teemate: Leader, Link.

Prompt service by competent people and availability of spare parts are the most important aspects of owning an electric golf buggy. We urge you to consider the advantages of dealing with a business that thrives on providing you with the best possible deal, the best level of after sales service and somewhere to go to have a gripe about all those missed putts as well. We sympathise about those but cannot fix them for you…

At Hillside Buggies we probably have the largest range of spares in Australia for all brand name golf caddies, as well as a complete range of Round Rider spares. We will rarely send you away while parts are sourced. In fact it is common for our customers to have their problem sorted out while they wait, and where this is not feasible, we expect to complete repairs within 24 hours.

Of course there are always exceptions. If you have an unbranded machine, (usually internet sourced), parts can be almost impossible to obtain. We do our best, making no guarantees with these machines.

Our battery testing facilities will accurately determine the usable capacity of your battery. This computer based analysis facility, designed and manufactured by Hillside Buggies, has been sold into many leading battery outlets throughout Australia. It is one of the absolutely essential tools in this industry.