Electric Golf Trolley FAQ

Q. What electric golf buggy brands do you repair?
A. Hillside Buggies fix most models of golf buggies, from Autocaddy to Teemate , and everything in between.
Here is a list of the common buggies we repair:

Autocaddy: Ace, Bantam, Jockey.
Hillbilly: Compact, Compact Plus, Terrain.
MGI: Ryder R75, Hunter R200, Coaster R300, Venturer G400, Navigator G800, SL50, SL100, SL300, SL500, NVR700, SL150c, SL350c, SL550c, NVR750c, SL100i, SL300i, SL500i, NVR700i. iBuggy.
Motocaddy: S1 Digital, S3 Digital.
Powakaddy: Classic, Freeway, Freeway 2, Touch, Sport.
Teemate: Leader, Link.

Q. Where are the buggies made?
A. Parts for all electric golf buggies are sourced from around the world. The cost savings that have thus been achieved by using the highest quality parts are reflected in the prices we offer the units for.

Q. Will my buggy fit into the boot of my car?
A. All buggies we sell are designed to either be folded or dismantled into a smaller size, thus allowing them to fit into most car boots. With the latest materials used in all electric golf buggies, they are incredibly light weight and easy to handle when folded or dismantled.

Q. Will any golf bag fit?
A. There is no need to purchase a bag specifically designed for electric golf buggies, as they are all designed to carry a wide variety of golf bags.

Q. What is the advantage of a light weight machine?
A. Light weight machines are great for those with injuries or are unable to lift heavy weights. The majority of buggies that we supply are manufactured with aluminium frames and hardened plastics to not only keep the weight of the buggy down, but also increase the strength of each component.

Q. My mate has got a remote control buggy. Do you supply remote controls?
A. We know they are fun. But isn’t that what golf is supposed to be? The majority of electric golf buggies are not supplied with the remote control options, as this adds significantly to the price. (Golfers need their clubs with them don’t they?). With the advances in remote control golf buggies we are able to offer a couple of these, including the latest MGI Navigator buggy. We strongly recommend against remote controlled machines unless you are prepared to pay a lot more for your machine in the first instance and put up with high repair costs in the long term.

Q. Do the buggies make much noise?
A. The majority of electric golf buggies use worm drive gearbox’s which are virtually inaudible.

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