Charger FAQ

Q. What type of battery charger should I use?
A. With any sealed battery, the charger must be an approved automatic type for warranty to be valid.
Before buying a charger, please call for detailed information as there are chargers on the market which are sold as automatic, but are not suitable for sealed batteries.

Q. How long should I charge my battery?
A. This depends on how often you play.
If you are playing one or more times a week, the charger should be left on continuously.
If you play less frequently, we recommend to charge as soon as possible after your round and disconnect after 10-12 hours of charge, then charge 1 or 2 hours before the next round.
Leaving the charger operating continuously will not damage the battery however we recommend the above in order to reduce the risk of damage in case of power or charger failure, which, if not noticed and corrected, may result in ruining of the battery within two to three weeks.

Q. What if I am planning a long break from golf?
A. Charge after use as normally, then disconnect from the charge and store in a cool (not COLD) place.
Charge for minimum of two hours once a month until normal usage is commenced.
Never leave the battery connected to the charger unless the charger is switched ON.

Q. How soon should I charge my battery after a round?
A. As soon as possible.  A battery left partially or fully discharged commences deteriorating at that time.
The sooner it is re-charged, the longer it will last.

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