Mobility Scooter FAQ

Q. What does 1900w peak power mean?
A. The motor is rated at a continuous power of 900 watts. This is more than adequate for most situations.
In order to ensure good performance on steep inclines, the controller will allow the motor to run up to 1900 watts for short periods, thus enhancing the ability of the machine to climb short steep slopes.

Q. How do I know when my batteries are getting low?
A. The tiller has a bar-graph indicator comprising 3 red, 4 orange and 3 green lights. This acts like a fuel gauge. As battery power is consumed, all the green lights will go out, then the orange. When only red lights are evident, it is very close to time that charging is required.

Q. Is it possible to move the buggy without power on?
A. Yes. There is a lever under the cover, next to the inside of the right hand rear wheel. Push it down and the machine will free-wheel.

Q. Does it climb steep hills with me on board or do I need to get out and walk next to it?
A. This machine will climb any slope you will find in normal use. Clearly there are limits and it would not be safe to attempt to climb slopes of greater than 30 degrees.

Q. Is there an attachment to carry the buggy on a tow ball?
A. This machine is not suitable for carriage on a tow ball. Transport can be by standard trailer, or by family sized station sedan.

Q. Do I need to take the seat off to charge the batteries?
A. No. The charger connects to a readily accessible socket on the tiller. Just park it and connect.

Q. Where is the scooter made?
A. The machine is made in China. The gearbox is sourced from the USA, and the electronic controller is manufactured in the UK.

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